5 Accessories To Aid Effective Garage Organization

Home organization is an art. Not everyone has the knack for efficient home organization that also appeals to one’s aesthetic sense. If living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens are hard enough to design and organize, garages are even more challenging for the novice homeowner.

Gone are the days when garages where dreary places who’s only sole purpose was to house your car. For those of us who need some inspiration for effective garage organization, here are 5 accessories that will help you tremendously:


Every good garage has a set of cabinets that are dedicated to storage. Cabinets are an awesome way to literally hide all the clutter – just throw stuff into the cabinets and close the door on them!

Compared to most of the other garage organization accessories, cabinets can be a tad pricier. But they also help to keep your garage neat and clutter free. Additionally, they can also serve as a sort of style statement to your garage, as they come in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Peg Boards

machine-690190_960_720Peg boards are an easy way to organize your garage. They make optimal use of the walls of the garage. They are super affordable and easy on your wallet, plus they are quick and simple to install as well. They will help you gauge what tools you have in your collection at a glance – you don’t have to keep digging and sorting through piles of stuff.

Pegboards also have the advantage of not taking up as much space as cabinets – so even if you have a narrow garage, you can still maximize storage space by adding a pegboard to one of the walls. Pegboards might look rather innocuous but they are pretty strong.

Shelving Units and Racks

Installing shelving units and racks is the most straightforward way to organize your garage. They are easily available at any home improvement stores and they are also simple to maintain.

 There are many different types of shelving units and racks available in the market today. Choose an assortment of them as each have their own pros and cons and would suit different purposes. For instance, if you are a cyclist, you could even hang up your bicycle onto a sports rack. Shelving units are highly customizable so you can choose shelves according to your needs and preferences.

Overhead Storage

In many garages, while horizontal space might be limited, there is plenty of vertical space thanks to high ceilings. Utilize this space by building a simple overhead loft or alternatively if you find that too elaborate and expensive, install overhead shelves where you can store all your boxes.

Overhead shelves are no nonsense and fuss free and they can be the answer to your storage woes. They can be mounted on the ceiling thereby sparing the strain on your walls. They can a little difficult to clean though – you might need someone’s help to do it, but they definitely go a long way in keeping your garage tidy. They also have one other small con – ever heard of the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’? You can actually forget about things which you have tucked away into your overhead storage!

Tool Chests

tool-384740_960_720None of the above mentioned garage organization accessories have the advantage of being portable. At times it can get really tedious and tiring to keep walking back and forth to your cabinets and shelves in order to pick up one tool or the other when you are working on a project.

A movable tool chest solves this problem in a jiffy. Tool chests are pretty convenient and they can hold a modest number of tools. They are very handy especially if you tend to work a lot in your garage. They are also lightweight, compact and can be placed unobtrusively in a corner, out of the way when they are not in use.

Last Thoughts

Apart from the above mentioned accessories you could also keep your garage sorted with the help of other aids such as workbenches, movable utility carts, slat wall panels etc. If you have kids in the household, then you might also need some additional accessories like shoe racks and coat pegs for putting away all the shoes and coats of the family.

Something else which might help make your garage better could be a small seating bench with storage space below, where people can sit and put on their shoes or give you company when you are working in the garage and also you could store things such as old newspapers or magazines beneath the seat.

Do some research online for ideas, check out the garages of some friends or talk to the store representative at your neighbourhood hardware store and they will be able to guide you in finding better solutions for organizing your garage.

5 Simple Interior Design Ideas For Your Living Room

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The living room is the first area of your house that anyone entering your home will notice. Hence it makes sense to organize and decorate it in a pleasing and welcoming manner. They say the first impression is the best impression and so visitors and guests to your home must get a good feeling about your living room if they are to have a good opinion about you.

Doing up your living room needs some special care and attention but it is not too difficult. Here are some simple interior design ideas that you can use to enliven your living room:

  1. Hang up pictures: You can personalize your living room with the help of pictures. They can be pictures of your near and dear ones or they can also be attractive paintings. Depending on the feel of your living room you can frame the pictures accordingly.


For instance, for a minimalistic and fuss free living room, you could choose simple but elegant black and white frames. For an ethnic themed living room, you could choose picture frames that are more elaborate and ornate. If you are someone who is particularly good with arts and crafts, you could even make your own unique picture frames yourself!


  1. Spare some space for indoor plants: A bit of greenery can light up a living room in a jiffy. Small terrariums or even individual flora can add a touch of beauty to your living space.


  1. Keep the living room neat and organized with shelves and racks: No matter how much time and money you spend on decorating your living room, if it is cluttered and disorganized, then all your efforts will be in vain. Definitely install some shelves and get some racks to place things that are commonly used in the living room such as remote controls, magazines, device charging stations etc. so that every item has a place of its own. Most importantly, do put back all items in their respective places after use in order to keep your living room spic and span.


  1. Choose paints wisely: Paints can either make or break your living room. For an offbeat or bohemian look go for darker or brighter shades of paints but for a more traditional look, you can opt for lighter shades. You could also follow the modern trend of maintaining one wall as an accent wall by painting it in a bright shade of paint or even as a textured wall, while retaining the other walls in lighter shades.


  1. Invest in good quality furniture: A comfortable couch and other seating arrangements are a must to any living room. In fact, they are often the centre of attention and action in most living rooms. Uncomfortable couches with lumpy or misshapen cushions can not only give you a very annoying back ache but they can also spoil the mood of your guests.


There are a variety of couches available in the market and you can pick one which suits your taste. If you have small kids in the house, try to pick dark coloured cushion covers since stains and spills are highly noticeable on light coloured cushions.


file8301292864616You can choose a theme and select cushion covers accordingly. For instance, to impart a fresh and feminine touch to your living room, you can choose cushion covers in pastels shades. Team them up with strategically placed vases of fresh flowers and some sheer, light weight curtains to complete the look.


If you want your living room to have an old world charm to it, then go for heavy wooden furniture. Add an antique carpet along with some heavily patterned drapes for a royal look.

How To Effectively Design Garage Cabinets

A garage is not just a place where you park your car and then forget about it. It can be so much more! In fact, did you know that a number of small business owners have actually started up their companies by working out of their garages initially? Yes, it’s true!

A well-designed garage can be a perfect extension to your home. You could get help from the interior designer who is working on your house for professionally decorating your garage as well. Of course it isn’t enough if the garage is just designed well – it also needs to be well maintained and organized properly in order to function smoothly and efficiently.

The first step in designing your garage

One of the key components of any decent garage has to be the garage cabinets. Garage cabinets come in a variety of sizes and shapes and they are essential to your garage. If you are into DIY you could also make them yourself but please don’t attempt this if you are not experienced in making cabinets. There is plenty of inspiration to be found both online and also in several popular interior design magazines.

We recommend you seek professional help for durable and trouble-free garage cabinets. They help in maximizing the storage space of your garage and they also aid in keeping your garage neat and clutter-free.

The first thing that you need to do when it comes to designing your garage cabinets is planning. You need to take a good look at your garage and plan the layout and all such details before you actually go about installing shelves and cabinets. Don’t be in a hurry to skip this essential step; simply carrying on with the garage interiors without proper planning will result in a haphazard garage. I recommend using a CAD tool such as Google SketchUp for this task.


How many cabinets does your garage need?

The cabinets in your garage should be placed in such a way that they are unobtrusive and yet functional. The number of cabinets that you would install would depend on how much space you have in your garage, the number of people in your family who will be using this garage and also on what purposes you intend to use the space in your garage.

For instance, if you are only going to park your car in the garage, then you probably only need a couple of cabinets to store some tools and car accessories. But if you are say an avid gardener then perhaps you might need some extra cabinets to store your gardening equipment as well; if you are into carpentry, then you need some cabinets to safely store your wood working tools.

Some people also like to store their footwear in the garage as they don’t want to walk into their living rooms with muddy or dirty shoes. So you might need a cabinet for storing shoes of the members in your household. The garage is also an apt place to store things such as coats which you can grab quickly on your way out. So spare some space in your garage cabinets for coats as well.

Some more tips for garage cabinets

If you are on a budget then you could install a few cabinets at the moment while leaving space for future cabinet additions, as and when finances allow. If you are planning on installing floor to ceiling cabinets then don’t forget to have a ladder handy in your garage that will help you reach the top cabinets easily.

Make sure that all garage cabinets are anchored properly to the garage floors or walls in order to prevent any accidents due to tip overs. The cabinets of your garage should also be easy to clean since this is a space which is going to experience a lot of smoke and exhaust fumes – even if only for a short while every day.

So choose the material in which your garage cabinets are going to be made wisely. There are many choices available such as metal, wood etc. but pick one that suits your lifestyle – not to mention pocket – best. It can also attract unwanted pests if not kept spic and span – so make sure to clean your garage cabinets regularly.

The colour of your garage cabinets should also sync up with the overall look and feel of your garage. Alternatively you could also opt to add a pop of colour to your otherwise sombre garage by choosing cabinets which are brightly coloured. Stay away from dark coloured cabinets though – they can make your garage look spooky in my opinion.

A garage is often the first place in your home that you step into. Therefore it is a good idea to design it properly and to keep it orderly with the help of strategically placed and useful garage cabinets.

The Need For Interior Designing In Your Home

1410757483yooqlYour home is your comfort zone. It is the one place where we can truly be ourselves; a place which we look forward to return to every day to rest, relax, unwind, recuperate, reenergize, recharge and refresh ourselves. A home is a place which is filled with our near and dear ones and their love and laughter.

What is interior design?

There are a number of things that constitute the interior design of a home. It could be the furniture that you choose to furnish your home with, the type and shades of paint that you choose for the walls of the house, the drapery, lights, wall decor and other such accessories that you include in your home – everything contributes towards making a house into a home. If you’re looking for more of an official answer, reference this NYSID article.

Interior design sets the mood for each room in your house. A living room needs to be warm and welcoming, a bedroom needs to be cosy and comfortable, a dining room needs to be bright and cheery, a bathroom needs to be private and clean, a kitchen needs to be neat and tidy… the list goes on depending on how many rooms you have in your house of course!

Is interior design for everyone?

Obviously, it is reasonable to expect that even the most humble homes need some amount of interior designing as it is such an important and essential space for all of us. Interior designing is not limited only to expensive mansions or bungalows of the rich. Even simple homes can be done up beautifully on a modest budget and some creativity.

A well-designed home can become the talk of the town and people will look forward to visiting you, just so they can spend some time in a lovely home. It speaks volumes about your tastes, your attitudes, your personality and your habits. A well-maintained home always leaves a good impression on your guests and good interior design is fundamental to keeping your home a happy place.

Why go for interior design?

Most rented accommodations come in a set standard format, where one house looks exactly the same as every other house. You might not be able to build a house according to your dreams but you can certainly personalize and customize even your rented house to suit your needs and preferences easily.

After all, a home is not a hotel room. It needs to imbibe the spirit of the household and this can be done by interior design. Every home has a story to tell and interior designing brings out the various facets of the story that is simply waiting to be told.

Without a doubt, a home that is designed well attracts good vibes and positive energy. In small houses, clever interior design can create an illusion of space and can serve to effectively open up your home to magically create some extra space. A well-designed home is also easy to clean and organize regularly.

What’s more, a home that has great interior design will also accrue great resale value if you ever wish to sell your house. A home with nice interior design will definitely carry a higher price tag than one which is plain and boring. Good interior design improves the aesthetics of the house and will impress and attract most potential buyers who will look forward to buying a house where most of the hard work has already been done for them.

Interior design can also help you change the look of your home if you are thinking about remodelling it. Good interior design can work magic and totally transform your old house into a space which is more modern, sleek and functional.

7 Interior Design Ideas For Your Garage

Homeowners who are busy decorating their houses often tend to forget about one important part of their house– the garage. Does a garage need interior decorating? Of course! Why not? You definitely don’t want your garage to look dull and dingy right? Then why shouldn’t you spare some time and effort into doing up your garage?

Some modern garages can even give your bedroom a run for its money! One glance at these super sleek garages will make you want to eat and sleep in them! However, not everyone can afford to spend loads of money on garage interior designs, so for the rest of us humble folk, here are some ideas:

    1. Create lots of storage: As we all know, somehow a family living in a suburban home tends to gather an overwhelming amount of stuff! There are boxes of old photos and albums that we don’t have the heart to throw out, there is an assortment of odds and ends which we might use someday, and apart from all these we have tools, wires, and other such paraphernalia to store.


Space is often at a premium in most modern homes and the garage can be an excellent alternative to store such items safely. Therefore, when designing the interiors of your garage, think about how you can expand the storage space that is present. Install cabinets, racks and shelves to maximize space.

    1. Bring in your personality: Your garage can reflect you and your interests. For instance, if you are a sports fan, hang up some baseball bats on the walls. If you are an artist, paint the walls of the garage with some interesting murals or graffiti; for a more rustic look try to incorporate wooden elements into the garage design; the options are endless!
    2. Think about lighting: Your garage needs to be well-lit and bright since this is a space where you might need to work on your car or do some minor repair jobs. Therefore install proper lighting as it might not be possible to always keep the garage doors open to natural light. 
    3. Install good quality garage door openers: However great your garage turns out to be, you don’t really want to get stuck inside it! Therefore it only makes sense to get some reliable and superior quality garage door openers which will not only ensure that your vehicles and home are safe but also make getting in and out of the garage a smooth and hassle-free experience. If you will be replacing your garage door opener, consider the latest trend of WiFi garage openers.

  1. What about the flooring? Most budget garages have a hard cement floor and ideally this is also the most practical and feasible type of flooring for a garage. You might want to try out fancier kinds of flooring, such as laminate flooring, but do keep in mind that they also require higher maintenance and might not be as durable and long-lasting as good old cement floors. The garage is a place which experiences some kind of activity almost every single day and is subject to a lot of wear and tear. Hence experts often recommend home owners to stick with cement floors.
  2. Don’t forget the outside of the garage: The door of the garage should tie in with the overall look of your house, else it will stand out like a sore thumb and spoil the entire appearance of your house. There are various different types of doors available in the market today, so choose one that best suits your home’s exterior.
  3. Consider the location of the garage: The place where your garage fits into your home is also something to think about. If the garage is located right next to the kids’ bedrooms for instance, then it might be better to get some soundproofing done in your garage so that the noises don’t disturb your children.